Join CITYarts as we restore, create, or re-create public art across the city through engaging youth in communities in art education workshops and on-site projects!

Art is a powerful tool, especially for the youth of a community. The act of creating art serves as 
an important outlet for self-expression and facilitates community building. Young participants and volunteers spend months creating the new and uplifting establishments in their  community with the goal of conveying a positive message. They will always remember how that sense of purpose feels, and can take ownership of a mural that brightens up their neighborhood with color and 

Interested in volunteering? Projects are ongoing! For more information, or to sign up to volunteer, email or call us at (212) 966-0377. Volunteers may also sign up by filling out the form below.

Volunteer with us!
Help us make the Celebrating the Heroes of Our City restoration, or any of our other current projects, a success!

CITYarts Internship Opportunities

CITYarts welcomes talented individuals to apply for internships provide resources for arts training, real-world experience with projects and artists, and financial payment for school credits and stipends.

Available working areas includes Administration/Management, Development, Public Relations, Marketing, Artist Assistant, Photography/Video Production, Web Development and Graphic Design.

We're currently hiring! View or download our 2013 Fall Internship Information PDF.

Email us at to apply.

Volunteer opportunities are always changing, email  us at to find out what's going on now.

Corporate Volunteer Groups

CITYarts’ projects are great opportunities for both large and small corporate volunteer groups. For more information on how to organize a volunteer day, please contact us at or call (212) 966-0377.

On-Site Project Volunteers

CITYarts creates multiple projects every year and volunteers are needed to help on the murals, mosaics, and sculptures themselves.

Annual Benefit Gala

Volunteers are needed in April and May to assist CITYarts staff to make our annual benefit fundraiser a success.  During the benefit, volunteers are needed for setup, manning reception desk, food service, ushering, and supervising the auctions.

CITYarts Office Work

Learn how a nonprofit organization operates day-to-day. Help the CITYarts staff by coordinating projects, contacting artists, assembling press kits, updating mailing list, and running errands.
CITYarts Internships

We're currently hiring! CITYarts internships are available in a wide array of departments. Click here for departments and duty descriptions. E-mail us at