Flowering Vine Restoration

CITYarts is planning to recreate the Flowering Vine mural, originally created in 1997. The mural was affected by the elements and covered in graffiti. The Parks Department is scrapping the wall so that today’s youth can redevelop the original design into a mural that represents both past generations of the LES and the current community.

St James Triangle, LES Manhattan, China town.   

CITYarts will collaborate with:
- Sponsor: TD Bank
-Local youth and schools
- Chatham Square Library

- To restore a classic CITYarts mural
-Revitalize a neighborhood space to make it more welcoming and enjoyable for the community
-Bring together youth and families to collaborate on a project that will beautify their neighborhood
-Empower youth to take leadership roles in acting as a positive force in their community
-Raise awareness to the speed of climate change and spread the celebration of natural beauty

June 2018 to August 2018