Following in the Footsteps of Alexander Hamilton project year 3


CITYarts strives to:

  • Engage neighborhood youth to become actively involved in transforming their community.

  • Revitalize the neighborhood space to make it more welcoming and enjoyable for the people who live and visit there.

  • Bring together youth and families to collaborate on a project that will improve a significant communal space and their quality of life.

  • Empower youth to take leadership roles in acting as a positive force in their community while learning practical skills.


  -  April 2019 through October 2019


CITYarts is producing and creating mural #338 in the historic community park that celebrates the local cultures with a focus on the legacy of Alexander Hamilton. This project is being created in collaboration with the local schools, youth, community, a professional artist, artist assistants, volunteers and residents. We hope to celebrate the unique community identity of Harlem where Hamilton lived and inspire our youth to follow in his footsteps. 


Alexander Hamilton Playground, Hamilton Place and 

W 140th Street to 141st Street 

Wall size: 80ft H X 25ft W



- Students: Hamilton Grange Middle                                    School, New Design Middle School, Urban Assembly for Performing Arts, and Democracy Prep Harlem High School 

- CITYarts Artist: Hugo Bastidas

- CITYarts Volunteers, Interns & Staff

- Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment       

- Program

- Brotherhood Sister Sol

- It Takes a Village to Raise Fantabulous Children!


-Council Member Mark Levine

-NYC Parks & Rec

-West Harlem Development Corporation