Dear Friends,

There are millions of creative, vibrant young minds out there ready to take direction in their lives. It is our responsibility to engage them in positive activities allowing them to shape their own futures by getting actively involved and making the right choices. CITYarts empowers youth by giving them a voice and an opportunity to express their thoughts through the creative process; their shared visions unite them with young people in their own communities and around the world.

Tsipi headshot April 2013.jpeg

Tsipi Ben-Haim

Executive and Creative Director CITYarts

CITYarts' art education workshops and the actual creation of artworks, murals and mosaic are much more than an exciting event for these kids. The workshops teach art skills and allow their participants to see examples of artworks created by other young people from different backgrounds, and learn that they hold many common hopes for the world’s future.

The mural projects enable youth to work with diverse groups of community volunteers. Youth involved in our projects develop confidence and teamwork skills as they help transform their neighborhoods into vibrant, beautiful spaces. The project site becomes a place for them to meet, celebrate their achievements, and bridge cultural differences. Behind every mural, sculpture, and mosaic that we produce are the people who help make it possible: the children, the artists, the neighborhoods, the sponsors, CITYarts’ staff, Board of Directors and Advisors, the building owners and managers, and the volunteers that are almost too many to count.

Our programs belong to all of these people — they put so much of themselves into every piece. We think of every project as if it was a jigsaw puzzle. We are extremely grateful for your contributions. Your support enables us to help the next generation create a better world. After 29 years of helping youth to engage with their communities, I strongly believe that when kids create, they do not destroy.

Please, if you care and dare to make a difference, join us!

Thank you,


Tsipi Ben-Haim

Executive and Creative Director