Red Road To Mars

What: CITYarts and NASA are working together again on a much needed mural project in East New York, Brooklyn.  The mural will cover a large outdoor wall on the grounds of P.S. 328; the theme of the mural is “The Red Road to Mars”.

Who: P.S. 328, NASA, CITYarts, local community

Where: 330 Alabama Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11207

Why: P.S.328’s extremely low Science test results prompted NASA to underwrite a significant portion of the mural project which will combine elements of science and art education in the development and design of the mural.  Students from P.S. 328, neighborhood youth and groups of volunteers from a range of corporate and civic organizations will work under the direction of a professional artist and CITYarts staff to create the design and paint the mural.

When: September 2012 - September 2013