Umma Playground

What: Create an opportunity with this mural to really bring the community together. Allow people to get to know each other despite their differences. Create a cohesive voice that will make the community stronger and bring them together.

Where: Ocean Avenue and Woodruff Avenue, Flatbush Brooklyn.

Who: The Umma Group, the Flatbush Development Corporation, Brooklyn Community Board 14, 600 youth from the Flatbush Development Corporation after school programs and local schools, plus community youth

Why: Engage neighbor youth to become actively involved in transforming their community. Revitalize the neighborhood space to make it more welcoming and enjoyable for the community. Bring together youth and families to collaborate on a project that will improve a significant communal space and their quality of life. Empower youth to take leadership roles in acting as a positive force in their community while learning practical skills.

When: Summer 2015