Rising Up In The Community

 What: Residents of the Long Island City Community reached out to CITYarts to help them revitalize their neighborhood. CITYarts answered the call. We will collaborate with the local community of LIC in the creation of a neighborhood mural. There is an obvious need in the community to beautify their space. At this point, the neighborhood feels industrial and abandoned. The community wishes to transform their neighborhood by encouraging more respect for the local environment. They also hope to reduce vandalism and violence.

Where: Potential sites include LIC Dog Park or Hunters Point Community Park in Long Island City, Queens.  

Who: CITYarts will collaborate with local youth and their families, local schools, Morgan Stanley employees, and the New York State Parks Department.


Why: Engage neighborhood youth to become actively involved in transforming their community.

Revitalize the neighborhood space to make it more welcoming and enjoyable for the people who live and visit there.

Bring together youth and families to collaborate on a project that will improve a significant communal space and their quality of life.

Empower youth to take leadership roles in acting as a positive force in their community while learning practical skills.

When: May 2018 – September 2018  

Fundraising Goal:   $45,000