Alice on the Wall


CITYarts will restore its #328th mural project, Alice on the Wall. This mural was originally created after 9/11 as a way to encourage students at Stuyvesant High School to return to school. Now, every summer a new generation of students make it their duty to restore the mural and to add their voices.


Washington Market Park on Chambers Street, between West St and Greenwich St.


- Stuyvesant High School students

- Local Community

- Families


CITYarts strives to:

- Engage neighboring youth to become actively involved in transforming their community

- Revitalize the neighborhood space to make it more welcoming and enjoyable for the community

 -  Bring together youth and families to collaborate on a project that will improve a significant communal space and their quality of life

 - Empower youth to take leadership roles in acting as a positive force in their community while learning practical skills


  April 2019 - September 2019

Fundraising Goal:  $31,500