Past Forward


  • Encourage intergenerational connection and understanding between the senior citizens of Club 76 and local youth.

  • To keep wisdom, acquired over a lifetime by senior citizens, alive through the tradition of storytelling.

  • To create a beautiful mural in the senior center that will provide a welcoming effect for its residents.


Phase 1: June-July 2019


CITYarts’ Past Forward is designed to foster an intergenerational, mutually beneficial relationship between the senior citizens of JASA Club 76, a senior center on W. 76th street, and local youth. Seniors will be passing forward stories from their past to the younger generation. Under guidance of CITYarts’ teaching artist, anecdotes from these stories, celebrating a personal and generational past, will be visualized in a collaboratively created public mural, which will remain as a lasting gift to the Senior Center’s community at large.


JASA Club 76 Senior Center, 120 W. 76th Street


- Senior Citizens of Club 76

- Local Youth

- CITYarts Artist: Kristin Holmes-Linder

- CITYarts: Interns, Staff, & Volunteers

- Club 76 Director, Phyllis Roth